Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plastic Tablecloth Petticoat

So, Halloween is around the corner and we were not happy with Elle's pink sailor costume from Target. It was baggy and saggy and not much like the picture on the front of the package. I realized that the girl in the picture must have a petticoat on under the sailor skirt. So, I started pricing petticoats. Not wanting to spend another $20 (at least), I decided it was time to get creative. I researched on the internet and could not find a homemade petticoat that didn't require sewing. Then, it hit me! Remember that tutorial on making ruffled party streamers out of a cheap plastic party tablecloth? Yep. That's right. It also makes a super-cute petticoat! I just cut the tablecloth into the length and width I needed and then used as many layers of tablecloth as I could. I probably got 20 layers out of one tablecloth. I lined them up as evenly as possible and stapled all across the top to hold them together. Then, I took blue duct (duck?) tape and put it across the staples, front and back so they wouldn't be sharp. Then I gently pulled each layer to create ruffles. Tutorial here: http://cupcakesandcutlery.blogspot.com/2011/02/cutest-ruffled-streamers-from-plastic.html  I duct taped ribbons onto each side to tie the back together and we were done!

I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Great Learning Craft

My mom bought the girls a boxed craft at the Hob Lob. It turned out to be a great learning craft and I would highly recommend buying it! It is a foam sticker mosaic, so they are learning math patterns, colors, shapes, and fine motor skills. My girls aged 2 through 7 all loved this one.