Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodnight Moon Party

Elise's favorite book is Goodnight Moon. In the weeks before her 2nd birthday, her big sisters quizzed her repeatedly on what kind of party she wanted. They offered Dora, Barbie, Wonder Pets, and any other show or book she has ever liked. She was firm in her decision on Goodnight Moon. : )

As a book lover, it warmed my heart. As the party planner, maybe not so much. I knew I wasn't going to be buying the party supplies at any store. But, with a LOT of help from my artist sister, we pulled it off pretty easily.

Goodnight Bunny in his bed

My sister made the 3 Bears Sitting On Chairs

These popcorn bowls turned out so cute. They looked like little kitchen hats. I took 2 coffee filters and wrapped them around a plastic cup, tied the ribbon on and folded down the edges, then slid the plastic cup out.

I made another Dollar Store tiered tray tutorial here:

My sister made the quiet old lady out of panty hose and a stuffed rabbit. Brilliant! Notice the Cow Jumping Over The Moon picture on the wall that she made also. I copied the kittens onto cardstock and propped them up with clothespins glued to the backs.

The window was made from poster board and the stars and moon were made with white tissue paper.

The birthday girl having her moment. None of my girls like to have the birthday song sung to them. Ha!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An Afternoon at Philbrook

We love Philbrook with a capital L. We can easily spend an afternoon there, which is what we did last week. This is where homeschooling is right up my alley. Creative learning outside the classroom. Sigh. It's wonderful. If you haven't been to see their gardens, you really should. The colors are incredible! Here are a few of our pictures.