Monday, December 12, 2011

It's a Pinterest Christmas

Thanks to Pinterest, I have gotten extra crafty this year. I think that's a good thing......
I wanted to share some links to the tutorials I found this year.

These thrift store glass vases were painted with white enamel glass paint. Tutorial here:

My iphone camera takes terrible pictures, so I apologize. But these coffee filter trees were so easy. Pin some coffee filters onto foam cones, hot glue some buttons and you're done. I will warn you that the foam cones are not cheap, so bring your 40% off coupon if you're going to buy them. Tutorial here:

I loved the idea of this rustic, Pottery Barn-ish wreath for the front door. Once again, cheap coffee filters play a part in making the cute, ruffly flowers. Tutorial here:

No, I did not sweep the crud off my front porch before taking this photo. As much as I love to look at all the perfect blog photos out there, I do not often have the time it takes to make a photo session for one blog picture. : ) These JOY pots were very easy because good ole Wally World had the plants in red pots already, so no spray painting there. I just got glued the ribbon and JOY letters (from Hob Lob) on and stuck those babies out there. Easy peasy. Inspiration here:

This is the worst iphone picture of all. See above comment on my feelings about the subject. Ha! My first picture in this blog has a better photo, although farther away. This is a book page wreath. I love, love, love the way it turned out! However, the blogger with the tutorial stated it took her a little less than an hour to complete it. I call foul. It took me over FOUR HOURS. I may be a bit slower than her, but not that much surely. At least I love it and have let my family know that it will hang on our wall forever and then I have instructed them to put it on my grave when I pass. Tutorial here:

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