Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How To Do A Max and Ruby Party

If you want to do a Max and Ruby birthday, then you will have to get creative. No one sells the party decorations and there are very few resources on the net to help with ideas. I decided to post pics of Elle's party last weekend to pass along the few ideas I did copy or come up with. Be prepared for a lot of printing, cutting, and pasting. : )

The pink and white striped "tablecloth" was a sheet we already had. The center is gathered with a clothespin decorated with ribbon.

We bought some fancy lemonade and then glued our home made "Ruby's Lemonade" labels on.

You can go to Rosemary Wells' website to print off this super cute birthday banner. I bought some pink polka dot ribbon and taped the banner pieces on.

We bought these ice cream waffle bowls at Wal-Mart and I dipped the edges in melted milk chocolate chips and then rolled them in sprinkles. We had a full fledged sundae bar with caramel, fudge and cherries.

The garden lanterns were from Dollar Tree. They even have a battery powered light in them. I set up a mini tea party complete with the bear reading a Max and Ruby book. If you don't have one of these kiddie bistro tables, you could just set the tea party on a fancy cloth napkin right on the big table.

The Max and Ruby puppet theatre box can be found on Nick Jr.'s website. You can print off the decorated papers and it gives step by step instructions on how to glue them to the shoebox. I just did boxed cake mix and canned frosting with a cute cupcake wrapper. You need to buy plain/cheap wrappers to actually bake the cupcakes in and then put them in the cute wrappers after they cool off. If you try to bake them in the cute wrappers, it will fade them and waste your money. I made the cupcake decorations by using wavy scissors to cut the larger circle out of scrapbook paper, then regular scissors to cut out a smaller, coordinating circle and the Max and Ruby characters were printed off Rosemary Wells' website and glued to the center. Then I hot glued a popsicle stick to the back. You could also use wooden stirrers.

I used yellow foam board to make the house. Then, I cut out colored construction paper for the details. Both the Max and Ruby name and the characters were printed off on the computer and cut it out. I did glue the characters to poster board before cutting them out to give them stability to stand on their own.

My pretty birthday girl! Can't believe she is already 3!

This was the party favor we sent home with everyone. : )


  1. This took knowledge,skill,imagination but mostly a lot of love for your daughter!You outdid yourself...for the love of your child!Wow!!

  2. Thank you Carla! When she requested this party, the first thing I did was pray and ask God for creativity. I needed help. : )

  3. that is so cute lisa!! and you look like a model, lil miss purdy!!

  4. Amy- Thank you and thank you! You made this girl's day.