Friday, September 26, 2014

Sow Your Seeds

"Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.....I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well." Teddy Roosevelt

Has anyone else ever noticed the numb complacency that wants to settle over our lives like a heavy blanket? As soon as we sit back and get comfortable, it creeps in. We forget what it felt like to truly come alive. It becomes easier to shut our eyes and our ears to the hurting community all around us. And we let entertainment fill our days and lull us to sleep until we are contained like sleeping giants. 

What is it that we should be doing? 
Ephesians 4:7-13 MSG:

He climbed the high mountain, He captured the enemy and seized the booty, He handed it all out in gifts to the people......
Gifts of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor-teacher to train Christ's followers in skilled servant work in the body of Christ.

God has given us ALL gifts, treasures. He took the extravagant treasures back from the enemy and gave them to us. They were woven in to the very fabric of our being at the moment of our creation. These gifts are the seeds we are meant to sow during our short time on earth. They are our potential to change our world, the potential to send ripples of change that will never stop until the end of time. But, the enemy prowls around like a hungry lion, seeking whom he may devour. Looking for potential seeds to gobble up before they are sown. He knows exactly what those gift seeds are worth and he knows their power. After all, he had them in his possession for quite some time. 

I feel myself put on the mantle of who I was created to be when I  make the choice to use those gifts for God. I offer myself to God for the front lines of the battle for changing lives. When I am hooked up to God's voice and operating in the spiritual gifts he has given me, it is uncomfortable, painful and scary. But it wakes my warrior spirit up and I become fully alive. A fearsome thing for the enemy to behold.

So, this is the wake up call. Wake up sleeping giant! Rise up. Sow those seeds! Realize that you (yes YOU!) have the very gifts, placed in you by God, that this world is desperate for. Don't you know who you are?
You are:
The answer to someone's prayer
More than a Conquerer
An Overcomer
Salt and Light
Firmly Rooted
Greatly Loved
Full of Power, Love and a Sound Mind

Yes, these things are for you and your family. But they are also for the greater good around you.     

Now, get out there and    Change     Your     World!

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