Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Vacation

We just got back from our 8 day family vacation. Half of it was spent having a reunion with Jason's family. We all stayed in a big house together. Lots of fun and lots of learning to be flexible. : ) It was great hanging out with family and making memories: The burger grilling contest, the bowling game that took up 3 lanes and filled the bowling alley with laughter, lots of time spent at the pool. My girls ran around with all their cousins, feeling safe with such a big family support system surrounding them.

The other half of the vacation was just our family. Staying in one small room. Together. It was........a bit crowded. Ha! Early on we discovered what a mistake it was. Every night, one of the little ones would cry, waking up the other little one and consequently our whole family. Then one would wake up at the crack of dawn and wake the rest of us up. Good times. In the end, we discovered that it really isn't the destination that matters. It's the fun you make while you're there. And I know I will always treasure this stage of my girls' lives where spending time with them makes them the happiest. How great is that?

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