Monday, July 11, 2011

Pee Sheets

Apparently, the last 24 hours have been the "pee sheet" hours. First up, Elle. She got into our bed yesterday morning at 6 with a leaky diaper. She didn't bother to inform me of that, though. She just got in, laid upside down, and proceeded to roll around with her bottom on my pillow. Then, she went upstairs, took her diaper off, sat her bare pee bottom on our expensive stair carpet and screamed until Jason came to get her. It wasn't until I rolled over onto wetness that I realized the problem. So, I had to wash her bedding and our bedding- not to mention my pillow. This morning, when Elise woke up crying, I went in to find she had taken her diaper off, thrown it onto the carpet and proceeded to pee on her bedding. Once again, I would like to remind my readers that I am not getting paid enough for this. : )

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