Monday, August 11, 2014

God Makes Us a Huge Answer to Prayer

So, as I mentioned before, we were living out a normal life. A stay at home mom homeschooling her kids. An oil and gas salesman, working long hours. How could we make a dent in the sad reality of Guatemalan people? And as we prayed those prayers, God began to form us into an answer.

Our pastor here in the states gave us a friend of a friend contact in Guatemala. A pastor of a 12,000 member church in Guatemala City. His daughter agreed to meet with us for coffee in Antigua. We had no idea why we were meeting with her and she even asked us why we were meeting. We could only answer that we were taking baby steps toward anything God put in our path. As we talked, our jaws simultaneously dropped. She (a Guatemalan) had attended college in our home town. She had even tried our church out twice! Now, only God can orchestrate that. Her dad had run for president of Guatemala in the previous elections and had lost. Her family felt like God was leading them to make a big change in their nation. Suddenly a lightbulb went off.

The children. That's how you change a nation. You start teaching the children. You teach them how to take limits off of their thinking. You show them how to take good care of their bodies, their families and their cities. You show them where their choices lead. Either to a good life, or a life of pitfalls. You teach them to reach harder for an education and a stable job, so they can have a stable family.
And so, we partnered with an organization who has a school curriculum that covers all of those things.
And just like that, God tipped the domino that made things start moving quickly.

We went back to that family in Guatemala and presented the idea for the curriculum to change their nation. They were as excited as we were! And, in another God-move, it just so happened that a cousin of theirs is the head of education for the entire country. 

And so, the dominos are still rolling right along and we... well.... we are trying to roll along with them. It's a huge undertaking. We know nothing about politics. We aren't polished. We are just a simple family, walking out our obedience to the God who gives us all good things. And our God has been so faithful. I feel like our jaws drop about every other day in response to God placing every puzzle piece right where it needs to be.

The government has given us 4 schools with about 3,200 students for the upcoming school year. We will begin our pilot program in January which is our proving ground for the government. And we hope it will take off from there!

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