Sunday, January 30, 2011

Casa Bonita

Remember Casa Bonita? It has re-opened and Jason and I decided to take our girls there after church today. We have so many fond memories of it. We got out of church early, so we had to sit in the car for about 20 min. while waiting for it to open. Jason thought it would be a good idea at that point to get online and look at the reviews. They were terrible! One person likened the food to dog food. Another person said it was like eating in a dingy dungeon. Several reviews started with "OMG" or "Ewwww!" So, by the time we could go in, we were totally worked up and freaked out, but had already told the girls about this great place we were going to eat at. No other customers were there yet and as we walked through the doors, we could clearly hear a walkie talkie with some lady yelling that customers had just walked through the door and why was it unlocked it so early. We soldiered on to the food line. really wasn't that bad. I would still totally recommend it. Sure, the food is the same quality as a frozen tv dinner, but so is Chuck E Cheese pizza. You don't go for the food, you go for the fun. And Casa Bonita still has the magic. We had a great time just walking around remembering the cave room and the waterfall and watching the monkey riding a bike on a string. The neighborhood was a bit sketchy and the game room lacked heat and smelled like poo, but our girls didn't seem to notice or mind that either. Ha ha. All in all, it was a pretty good time.


  1. Casa Bonita!!! Good times; good memories...Did they still have the dollar/peso thingies for the kids to get something in the gift shop? Did they still have $25 cheaply-made, green teddy bears like the one Jessica threw a fit for until Dad got it for her? I remember the cheese enchiladas made with what had to be categorized as "cheese product", because I'm sure it didn't include any type of actual cheese. Also, I believe the rumor as to why the one in OKC closed was because they DID use BilJac in place of meat. So maybe the customer comments were accurate. Still, I agree that for the atmosphere, it's all worth it. And if that was BilJac, it wasn't that bad. I may need to stock up.

  2. They still had the pesos for the treasure chest! I didn't see the ugly green teddy bear. : ) I got the fajitas because I felt like I could more easily detect any "food product". As for the BilJac, I don't know. I do know that our local grocery store has a refrigerated dog food section, so you may want to check out the gormet stuff first. Ha!