Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Great Easter Lesson

I came across a cute Easter lesson today and wanted to share it.

You get 5 plastic eggs and fill one with a heart, the next with a thorny branch (I used one from our barberry bush), one with a cross (I made one out of twigs), one with a rock, and the last with a piece of cloth.

You tell them about how much God loved us and sent His only son while opening the heart egg. The thorns represent the crown of thorns placed on Jesus's head. Explain the cross. The rock represents the one rolled in front of Jesus's tomb. And the piece of cloth represents the grave clothes left behind when Jesus was raised from the dead.

It was so simple and my girls loved it. To finish it off, I printed off coloring pages that had John 3:16 on them.


  1. you are a good mama! I love that!