Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Rocking Chair Poem

I have been wanting to share my rocking chair poem for a while. I wrote it for my girls and it is pretty sappy, but I was trying to capture the sweetness of rocking my babies.

Sweet Baby Girl

We're rocking in our yellow chair
I'm stroking your soft, fuzzy hair
Warm bellies touching
Noses nuzzling

We gaze into each other's eyes
I'm humming you a lullaby
And you let out a sleepy sigh
My sweet baby girl

Your little body curls into mine
We fit together by design
Blue eyes filled with love
Brown eyes filled with love

Perfect ears and tiny teeth
I lay soft kisses on your cheek
The room is filled with quiet peace
My sweet baby girl

My love for you overflows my heart
It has right from the very start
It reaches to the moon and back
My sweet baby girl

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