Friday, October 3, 2014

Update: Where We're Going

Would you want this mural painted on the walls of your child's school? Take a good look at what is happening in the picture. This mural was painted on the entire width of one of the schools we will be in next January. We can't fix the situations these kids are facing, but we can help them find the life-giving power and hope of Jesus. 

Dirty, broken pavement and barbed wire fences might be what the school kids see every day in the 6 schools we have been gifted for our pilot program. But, once a week, they will be taught to look beyond their circumstances. 

According to the Inter-American Development Bank, barely 40 percent of Hispanic children graduate from secondary schools. International comparisons show Latin America at the bottom of the education barrel scoring on par with Sub-Sahara Africa.

Here is the hope we bring: In Bolivia, our curriculum has
Increased graduation rates by 45%
Reduced dropout rates by 37%
High school graduates advancing to any other type of education increased from 10% to 60%!!
Reduced teen pregnancy rates, gang participation, violence, reduced drug and alcohol abuse
Improved grades

Please consider partnering with us in bringing curriculum to the children of Guatemala for the 2015 school year. Here is how you can help:

Go to our facebook page and click the donate button.

Also please pray for our family. Prayers are priceless!

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