Friday, October 31, 2014

You Are Enough

Forget feeling good about yourself, it's becoming increasingly difficult to feel even ok about yourself. Social media is in front of our faces constantly. You might get on FB to check on your distant family, but get hit by pictures of the latest fabulous party. The party that looks 100% prettier than the one you last threw. The party that many of your friends were invited to, but somehow you didn't make the cut. 
Then you click over to Pinterest to browse. And there, you can see the wedding pictures that were more beautifully & creatively posed than yours, the perfectly staged house that looks nothing like the crumb covered mess you are living in, and the children's crafts that make your child's last craft session look like someone from The Croods family made it. 
We have to fight against comparison stronger than ever before. We have to have God's anchor deep down in our hearts. So that when the strong blast of the waves hit us, we stay pointed up. 
Did you know that God made you exactly the way you were supposed to be? And you don't need a ton of self help books to make yourself into something else. All you need, is a healthy dose of daily sitting at His feet. Let him tell you that you are:

All beautiful, with no flaw in you. Songs of Solomon 4:7
Body and soul, you are marvelously made. Psalm 139:14 MSG
Written on the palms of His hands. Isaiah 49:16
Precious and honored in His sight and He loves you. Isaiah 43:4

And so many, many more. Let Him show you how to love the different ways He made you. Spend more time talking to Him about your life than you spend comparing yourself on social media. And  learn to embrace the place you find yourself in. This is your now. It's not tomorrow, it's not yesterday. It's now. Give all of your heart to God and then be who you are, love who you are right now. 

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