Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Information Please

Elle's mother's day out had a western father/daughter dinner at the school. Jason and Elle dressed up in their cowboy boots and went. Apparently, I could have provided more information to Jason than just where to find the fellowship hall. After they started eating, a class of kids got up and went to the front to sing some songs. Jason thought they looked Elle's age, so he (not knowing what her teacher looked like) asked her if she was supposed to be up there singing. At first she said no, then she said it WAS her class and her teacher and she wanted to go up and sing. What to do? He decided to tell her to go up there and sing. Luckily, she was too shy to go because it was NOT her class. Ha!


  1. LOL. That could have gone very very wrong!

  2. Michelle- I know! I asked my husband why he was going to have her go up on stage if he didn't know whether or not she was supposed to. My rule following nature was horrified at the thought. But, he figured that it wouldn't be a big deal even if she wasn't supposed to go. And you know what? He's probably right. I guess the teacher would have been wondering why a 2 year old had joined her class, but other than that, it would have been ok. Just one more reason that our polar opposite personalities will (hopefully) help our kids be balanced. Hee hee!