Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thankful for Kids

With all this snow, I've had some time for introspection. When you have kids, you get to have your new, expensive toothbrush opened and chewed on before you ever use it, you get to have your woodwork colored on with a rainbow of crayons, and you get to be awakened every single day way before your body is ready to get up. But, you also get to be a kid yourself and experience once again the excitement of Christmas and Easter, the tooth fairy and birthdays. You get to have little, warm bodies ready to cuddle any time of the day. And when you come home, even after being gone only 30 minutes, you have little faces waiting at the windows and shouting and dancing with joy that Mom is home! Even when a whole canister of oatmeal is spilled on the pantry floor or another dent is made in a wall, it's small potatoes compared to real issues. Today, I want to pause from the daily frustrations and say that I am soooo thankful for my kids. Now, don't ask me tomorrow. : )

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