Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We went to Dallas last weekend with the three squirrels. The road trip went awesome and it looked like it was going to be a smooth trip....until we tried to get some sleep. Anyone who travels, goes out to eat, or does anything at all with their kids other than keep them locked in the house knows that it can either go wonderfully, or be a total nightmare. (In the Forrest Gump voice) It's like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. We settled into our trendy-chic hotel and got all three girls into bed without much fuss. Jason and I stayed up a bit later and when we finally got in bed, we discovered that, apparently, an elephant had slept in our bed the night before. There was a dip in the middle of the mattress roughly the size of a kiddie pool. It was too late to wake up all three girls and switch rooms, so we decided to tough it out. That meant Jason went to the couch and I got in the kiddie pool. Then the real fun started. Elise woke up once, twice, three times, four times, I lost count! The other two girls fussed and fought over bed space the whole night. It was great fun! "Well", I thought, "at least they will all sleep in. Nope. By 7 a.m. they were all awake. Going to the Galleria with three sleep-deprived cranky kids and two sleep-deprived cranky parents? Not so much! I don't recommend it. But, we did have a great time that afternoon at the Dallas Arboretum. And Jason and I comforted ourselves by stating that we could pat ourselves on the back for trying to get out and do something fun and exciting. That's what we tell ourselves anyways. : ) Here are some pics from the best part of our trip.

Elle was not really in the mood for the paparazzi that day.

The Suttee Sisters!

Isn't this sweet? This was before she took over my Ben and Jerry's chocolate ice cream bar after which she looked like a little street urchin.


  1. The kiddos are getting so big and you look great!

  2. Lacy- Thank you! You look wonderful too. I always think of Marilyn Monroe when I see your pics!

  3. Lisa ou look so beautiful! And your girls do too. I love the Dallas Arboretum. Was "Dallas Blooms" going on when you were there? I've always enjoyed that event.

  4. Amy- Thank you for the compliments! I don't remember any special event going on other than the castles. They built 6 fairytale castles to walk through. It was very cute! This was the first year that we actually made it in time to see the tulips and the azaleas blooming. It was incredible.