Monday, March 28, 2011

Habit #1 Be Proactive

It's so easy to be reactive in life. You get caught up in the anger of the moment and end up saying things you don't mean. We all need to develop a "pause button" and it is possible to develop that habit. Being proactive is the ability to act based on principles and values instead of reacting out of emotion. Use your four unique human gifts in the space between what happens to you and your response to it. When something happens, #1 Use self-awareness: step back and observe your own thoughts and then make changes/improvements. #2 Listen to your conscience: Pray and ask God to be your compass in this situation. Ask Him to remind you of His truth. #3 Use your Imagination: Envision the way you want this situation to turn out and imagine a better response to it. #4: Independent Will: Make the right response happen. No, it isn't easy. It's like swimming upstream. But you can get your SELF out of the way and respond in a positive, life-building way. No one has to be a victim to circumstances. We all have the ability to change our circumstances. You can't force family members to change, but you can change yourself. No matter what past you came from, you can choose to pass on a legacy of kindness and love.