Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bring The Sexy Back

It has been a fantastic week! On top of my good friend Sandy coming for a visit and my sister and niece coming to stay the night, Jason watched our girls so I could go on a girls' trip to Dallas with my family for three days. I figured I earned one day per child. Ha! If I ever want to be gone a for an entire week, I better start expanding my family. I had forgotten what it was like to listen to adult music for hours at a time,  eat breakfast, lunch and dinner by myself without having to feed anyone, hold anyone, have food smeared on my clothing, or enduring a tantrum. I got to sleep all night and wake up on my own. was wonderful. Jason gave me some money and asked me to buy clothes to "bring the sexy back". So with the help of my mom and Jessica, I managed it. When I got home, wearing one of my new dresses, my girls had rubbed hotdog grease on me within the first hour. I looked at the label. Hand Wash Only. The next day I wore another new shirt and by the end of the day, I had melted butter fingerprints down the front. I looked at the label. Dry Clean Only. I felt like my boobs were hanging out every time I bent over and every time I squatted down, my crack was showing. Did I mention that I am bending over or squatting down for 50% of my day while I take care of my kids?  I am reminded why I usually wear mom clothes. I know he appreciates my efforts though. And I definitely had fun spending the money! : )

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