Saturday, March 12, 2011

Buy Pediacare Today!!!

I have started couponing. Here is a great deal for Pediacare infant or children's pain reliever I got just this week! You would have to take advantage of it today as it's the last day it will be running.

Go to and print off two $2 Pediacare coupons. Take them to Walgreens and pick up a circular at the front of the store. The store has a limit of 3 per person, so you may want to take your husband or an older child. Go back and get the medicine (3 per person with you). Take them to the cash register and buy the first two, using your printed coupons and the $5 off coupon inside that Walgreens circular. They should be able to use the same Walgreens coupon over and over. If not, pick up another circular at the register. Depending on whether you buy the infants or children's medicine, you will have free medicine and either $2 or $1 BACK TO YOU! They won't give you the cash (obviously) but, make sure you stick some candy or gum up there so you won't lose that money! When your receipt prints out, it will give you another coupon for $1.50 off Pediacare. Use it for your 3rd bottle of medicine. This time, you will either have 50 cents back to you if you buy infants or will owe 50 cents for the children's since it's more expensive. We now have 9 bottles of this medicine and I will stockpile some of it and give the rest to friends with kids. This medicine is normally $6.99 or $5.99! Don't pass it up!!!

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