Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick Again???

This has been a monumental year for me in the way of sore throats. Two cases of strep and one bad viral sore throat in three months. Now, I love Jason and I am so glad he wants to work hard to bring home the bacon, but I don't think men were made to be very good nurses. Jason has so many great gifts and qualities, but home maker is not one of them. When you combine having to cancel meetings and take days off from work along with trying to take care of the kids, feed them, keep the house in decent order and take care of a sick wife, it's a bit too much. Although he was trying to hide it (sort of), when I started running a 102 temp yesterday, he was a little more aggravated than sympathetic. How can I tell? The first two times I had strep (3 weeks ago & a month before that), he would check on me often, using a soft voice and if I wanted water, he would bring me filtered water with crushed ice in it. Yesterday, when he finally came in and with a slight snarl, asked if I needed anything and I requested water, I got lukewarm water from the sink. He also took it upon himself to schedule an appointment for me to see an ENT to talk about getting my tonsils out. Ha!

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