Friday, March 4, 2011

Babies of the family

What do you get when two babies of the family marry? A lot of fun and a lot of procrastination. Two of our houses have had hot water faucet handles that broke. It isn't a hard problem to fix, right? Just buy a new handle and install. Instead, we used pliers to turn the water on and off every day for months! When did we get motivated to fix those faucets? When we were selling the house! And here is our newest procrastination: Our master bathroom toilet started running all the time. After we both tried everything we knew to fix it, we ended up having to turn off the water at the back of the tank. Now, you have to sit down, reach back and turn on the water, do your business, wait for the tank to fill, flush, and then reach back and turn the water off again. You can imagine what a pain this is, especially at night. What are we waiting for? We're both waiting for someone else to do it for us of course! Babies of the family......

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