Saturday, March 12, 2011

Start Thinking About Summer!

I found a very cute idea on Little Wonders' Days blog. I highly recommend her blog for some great kid activities. This one is: Make a Summer Bucket List with your kids. Write down everything your family would enjoy doing together over the summer. Then, break it down according to how much time the activity will take and color code them by that.

For example:

Purple slips of paper are things that would take an entire day: Go to the zoo, visit the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, visit the Jenks Aquarium (and the Suttees : ), go to work with Daddy one day, visit a state park, etc.

Blue slips of paper are things that take at least 2 hours to half a day: Play putt putt, go bowling, go on a picnic, go to an outdoor movie, go to yard sales, go to a bounce house, visit the Lego store, visit farmers markets, go pick fruit at an orchard, etc.

Green slips of paper are things that can be done spontaneously: Roast marshmallows, play dress up, learn to hula hoop, have a water balloon fight, have a themed dinner night, catch fireflies, make popsicles, fly kites, blow bubbles, make homemade lemonade, play in the rain, etc.

Then, on days when the kids are bored and you need some inspiration, pull out a slip colored according to the amount of time you have/want to spend on an activity.

I plan on starting this now since we're having more and more nice days. Have fun with it!!!

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