Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beginning With The End In Mind

More from the 7 Habits book:

What are you working towards? A beautiful family culture. You want a warm feeling, climate or atmosphere in the home. You want a depth, quality and maturity of the relationships in the home. You're looking to create a culture that has moved from "me" to "we". Despite the current value in America of individual freedom, immediate gratification, efficiency and control, there is no path as rich in joy and satisfaction as the path of interdependent family living. Working together toward a common destination.

Start planning to share with your children the vision you have for your family. Ask them to think about what they want the family to be like. Decide to meet weekly as a family to talk about how you can help one another, support one another, have fun together and stay close.

Here is a game you can play with your younger children to help teach the importance of families working together. If you want the information for sharing with teens, email me and I will send it to you.

Blindfold a family member. Lead him/her to a place in the house, yard, or park where returning to the starting point will be difficult. Make sure the return path is safe with no obstacles to trip over.

Turn the person around a few times and explain that it will be his/her job to find the way back to the starting point. Let the person try. After a moment, ask if they want help or clues. Let family members take turns directing the person back such as, "turn left, go straight, etc.".

Help the children see that a family flight plan with help to become a strong and happy family is just as valuable as the help they got when they were blindfolded.

More to come.....

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