Saturday, June 11, 2011

Emma's American Girl Tea Party

Emma's tea party was so much fun to plan and prepare for! I'm pretty sure I had as much fun doing the party as Emma and her friends had being at the party. Yes, there were several late nights of making straw flowers out of cupcake liners or ruffled streamers out of plastic tablecloths. However, those are the times I crave when I am able to step out of my mommy self for a while and just be creative!

Here's how I did it:

 Wooden "E's" from The Hob Lob, spray painted green. The bow is pink streamer, fan folded, held with wire in the middle, fanned out, with rhinestone glued in middle, glued to toothpick.

Boxed cake mix and canned frosting. Cute $1 liners and pink sugar pearls from Michaels.

Same lemonade bottles I used at Elle's party. Glued some cute scrapbook paper on, slapped a couple of American Girl stickers on (from  Michaels) and some alphabet stickers

I set up a dressing area in a corner of the living room. I used Emma's bed canopy, suspended from the vent cover in our ceiling, to dress up the Barbie table. I hot glued a vine with flowers from the Dollar Tree to a dowel rod, tied red and white laundry line (also from the Dollar Tree) to the ends and tied it from our balcony railing to hang the dress-up clothes on. I made a sign for the tree that said, "Emma's Salon"

I used flattened cupcake liners, Dollar Tree paper doilies, strips of pink plastic tablecloths turned into flowers, and that same laundry line to make this sweet, vintage-y swag.

My friend sent me a link to a blog showing how to make ruffled streamers out of the cheap dollar plastic party tablecloths. Here's the link I tied the streamers to a dowel rod and used them as a backdrop for Emma's place at the table.

I used my Dollar Tree trays to hold fluffernutter sandwiches, jumbo marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, and cute bags of popcorn. The bags came from the wedding section of the Dollar Tree and Emma added those American Girl stickers from Michaels to decorate them.

The tissue paper balls hanging from the light fixture are soooo easy. Here is a link to the tutorial on them.

I got the moss place mats from a friend who gave me a great deal on them. They really make the party.

All the cute flowers with rhinestones are from For $10, I got 75 of those babies! I used them on the moss place mats and I let the girls pick as many as they wanted for their tea hats.

I also got the plain, white tea hats from and the girls had fun choosing how they wanted their hats to look. My nieces hot glued the flowers and feather boas on for them.

I used the laundry line to hang some of the new American Girl doll clothes over the fireplace. I spray painted some wooden clothespins to add color.

So much fun!


  1. Sister, this is amazing! You worked so hard, but what great results! You're so creative.