Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!

I made the party trays and I am loving them! However, you know how I love to share the realities of DIY.

As usual, my project had to wait until my lovelies were in bed and I am NOT a late night person. And although none of the work was hard per se, it was a bit tedious and time consuming. Since I decided to make 3 of the tiered trays, I had to spray paint NINE trays. Front and back. Four coats each side. Letting each coat dry in between. You get the picture. And that's not even counting the 6 candlesticks. But the colors are soooo stinkin cute! So cute in fact, that I had to hold myself back from spray painting all other things in my house. That will come later.

So you have the late night tired/weariness, plus the paint and super glue fumes. Not a great combo. Since having 3 children I don't really have many brain cells to spare. When the trays were done and dry, I was so excited that I brought them in and promptly made a mistake. I glued pink trays to pink candlesticks. Then I had to pull them apart, which took some paint off, which led to spray painting them again. Boo!

Also, I giggled because when I look at these other creative blogs, every step is photographed in a beautiful, artistic way. In this blog tutorial I was following, she even uses a lovely glass jar filled with sand and a seashell to weight her trays down while drying. 

Here is used:

Here is what I used........ tee hee:

In the end, were there imperfections? Yes. Did I have super glue on every finger? Yes. Was I high as a kite? Yes. But, the trays are gorgeous, fun, and totally worth it!

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