Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Surely at some point in life, you can stop having to worry about acne. At 32, I feel like I have already paid my dues. I've done the hormonal teenager thing. I've had 3 babies for crying out loud! So why is my forehead covered in bumps? I am beginning to consider that hair spray shield that Uncle Jessie invented.....


  1. i had insane acne on my chin for the past few years. when i went gluten free, my acne DisAPPEARED!!! hollah!!

  2. Uncle Jesse! Hahahah! Nice. I've got it too girl. I'm pretty sure mine is sugar and stress related. I'm working on giving up both of those things. :)

  3. It does seem like you have to give up good food if you want to get rid of it. And stress is even harder to get rid of. Ha ha!