Monday, May 23, 2011

Tutu Curtains

With Jason gone most of last week and my parents staying with us, I haven't had much time to blog. It was great having my mom and dad here to visit with and Mom helped me make some super cute curtains for Elise's room. Poor girl was the last one to have bedroom curtains! : )

They are NO SEW! My favorite kind of project! You just go to the Hob Lob or a fabric store, pick out your color(s) of tulle in the lengths you need, then buy your curtain rods and you're ready to go. I used black and white for Elise's room. Figure  6 extra inches for your poof at the top and then cut the length depending on where you want to hang them on your window. Gather the poof together 6 inches from the top and tie tight with a strip of tulle. Then take two more strips of tulle and criss cross tie the gathered part under your poof to the curtain rod. Continue until all the tulle is hung. Pull the poofs toward you and fluff. That's it! And my mom suggested hanging a pretty ribbon in between the tulle panels, which is a great idea for a pop of color!

Thanks Dad for hanging them! : )

Here they are:


  1. i cant figur out how you tied these panels with a poof at the top?

  2. You need three small strips of tulle. Take one of your long strips that will be part of the curtain and gather it in one hand 6 inches from the top. With the other hand, take one of your three small strips and tie it tight around that gather. Hold it up to the curtain rod at the exact place you just tied it and take the second small strip, tying it across the fabric and the rod. Then take the third small strip and also tie it across the fabric and the rod, but from the opposite side of the gather, which makes an X. Then, you can start on your next long strip and three more small strips of tulle until you have enough panels across your window. When you're all done, pull the poofs out and fluff them. Does that help?

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