Monday, May 16, 2011

Put First things First

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Habit #3 Put First Things First

If family is really going to be top priority, you have to hunker down and make it happen! Most of us would tell anyone that family is their top priority. Many of us would even die for our family if it came to that. But, when you look at where you're spending your time, attention and focus, family usually falls way down on the list. Work, friends and hobbies take up the majority of our time. In the midst of pressures (work, career, house, etc.) many people become blind to the real priority of family. But, think about it: When you retire, your company will go on. But your role in your family will NEVER end! You will never and can never be replaced! Even after you are gone, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be left with whatever legacy you created.

Wow! That is huge!!!

There is no middle ground. If you don't take charge and shape your family, then someone or something else will! It is up to you to put time, enthusiasm, effort and passion into your family. Your family needs structure. The key to successful steering is to be intentional about our family rituals.

1. Outside of making and honoring the marriage covenant, nothing can impact your family more than family time: One time during the week that is focused on being a family. It should be a time of deep communication, teaching and playing and having fun.

2. One on one bonding times. Being completely present and being fully with your spouse, or one of your children for a period of time. This is where the real work of family is done. This is where there is the deepest nurturing of heart and soul.

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