Saturday, May 14, 2011

Really Diego?

I know it's little sad when my posts are all about cartoons, but that's about all I get to watch these days. I don't know the breaking news stories, but I could tell you exactly what kind of trouble Max caused for Ruby today.

I find myself wanting to pick on these cartoons more than usual because Nick Jr. insists on telling you all the wonderful benefits your child will get from watching the cartoon. For instance, if Elise watches Diego, according to the Nick Jr. information page flashed across the screen, she will: learn about science, exploring, and how to achieve world peace. Ok, the last one was mine. But, please! Does anyone really choose Diego over Max & Ruby because their 2 year old needs to learn more about science today instead of learning about how to "share and care"? No. We let them watch the show because we need 20 minutes of peace. It's really not that complicated.

So, back to Diego. Today, he needed a device from his rescue pack to help him get up the mountain and he needed Elise's help to figure out which device would be best. I am in the bathroom putting my makeup on and listening to the dialogue. "Do we need a radio to get up the mountain?" "No!" He says in a certain tone of voice, indicating that would be stupid. "Do we need a bicycle to get up the mountain?" In the bathroom, I'm thinking, "Maybe if it isn't steep." "No!" Diego says again in the same voice indicating you are a complete moron if you even CONSIDERED that choice. "Do we need a rocket to get up the mountain?" This time I chuckle. A rocket? But Diego enthusiastically says, "Yes! A rocket is what we need to get up the mountain!" A rocket? A rocket. Seriously Diego? Isn't that overkill, not to mention extremely dangerous! But, magically, Diego's rocket didn't explode upon impact while blowing him to tiny bits. Instead, it gently landed. Oh well, at least Elise learned some important science facts today......

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